Teacher suspended for having ‘sexy-figure’: Lahore

Teacher suspended for having ‘sexy-figure’: Lahore

A Teacher lost her job for a few crazy reasons by an area school’s administration. By reading the title, you've got already found out that this teacher got banned for being too sexy. Yes, too sexy. Let’s determine what exactly happened and who ruled out this ban.

Her name is Aasia Zubair. She is 30 years old wife with two children and is functioning as an educator for the last 12 years. On Tuesday, 11th of August, 2020, she was fired from her position on the idea of being ‘too sexy’ to show students of education.

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According to Aasia, teachers normally wear decent outfit during their duty timings within the school, and albeit that doesn't help then what else could they be doing to satisfy the varsity management?

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