The PTI government made 3 big mistakes, Asad Umar

The PTI government made 3 big mistakes, Asad Umar

Presenting the merits of his government's two-year performance to the media, Asad Omar also admitted three major mistakes and said that deteriorating relations with the media was the first mistake of this government as it was the media that conveyed the message of reforms to the people.

He further said that while the message reached the media that we have come to eliminate them, which caused us a lot of difficulties in the early days.

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Federal Minister Asad Omar, while stating another mistake, said that we did not handle the statement on accountability properly.

He said that the opposition had been asking for NRO from day one while in front of the media he was saying from whom did we ask for NRO?

Asad Umar said that on the issue of accountability, Imran Khan could only free the institutions to work on any case he wants, but now even our supporters say that the thieves are still there and they have not been punished. ۔

Explaining the third major mistake, he said that we have not been able to control inflation and food prices, which are still a source of concern for the government.

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