Corona virus: Citizens should avoid buying Lunda, medical experts warn

Corona virus: Citizens should avoid buying Lunda, medical experts warn

Citizens should avoid buying Lunda

The Corona virus has now begun to draw a line between "Lunda" and the public through a cheap means of covering the body of the poor and protecting them from the winter.

Whereas the poor of the country used to meet their needs by buying Lunda's goods at cheap prices, now Code 19 has started creating gaps between the people and Lunda.

Medical experts have advised citizens not to buy warm clothes for the winter from Lunda Bazaar in view of the resurgence of the corona virus epidemic all over the world.

Medical experts say that the corona virus can be transmitted to Pakistan through used clothing and other items imported from other infected countries, leading to an increase in the spread of this contagious disease.

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Even before the onset of winter, citizens have flocked to Lunda markets across the city to buy warm clothes. However, medical experts have warned citizens to refrain from buying warm clothes from Linda Bazaar to protect themselves from the cold this time.

It is to be noted that the traders in Karachi supply Lunda goods from all over the country including warm clothes, jackets, shoes, hats, comforters, blankets, carpets, and other items.

The largest Lunda Bazaar in the city is set up at Sher Shah Haji Camp, Light House, Baldia Town, and Saddar where SOPs are being dismantled as well as Lunda goods from all over the world are being sold. Which is causing the spread of Corona throughout the city.

However, medical experts say that this time, warm winter clothes should not be bought from Linda Bazaar.

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